Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Plan

Since my team meets on Sunday nights, I'm hoping to update the blog after every meeting with the things that came up, including fundraisers, schedules, and other things about Ecuador.

Getting ready to go to Ecuador is kind of overwhelming, especially when we have no idea what we are doing there! As it is a cultural immersions program, the Rostro de Cristo (Face of Christ) organization will be giving us our schedule and we won't know it until we get to Ecuador on the 13th of March. They have worked with hundreds of volunteer groups and know the best way to give us the best experience, which may be way better than us trying to set up things on our own. It leaves us on edge and willing to accept anything on this trip.

I am very excited to find out what is ahead and to use this blog to not only show others our progress, but also use it to grow with myself. Personally, I need to practice more Spanish, really understand the Ecuadorian live style, and the history that blossomed into the culture that Ecuador and Duran currently have!

Stay tuned for another update tonight! Adios

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