Monday, May 3, 2010

Volunteer Ecuador and WWOOFing

One thing I love about google chrome [which is one of the best applications]... when you search a lot of sites that are in another language, it asks you if you want to change the language - how perfect! I highly suggest everyone with a mac get google chrome! you won't be disappointed!

So when I was looking for something else to write about, I started to look into newspapers from Ecuador, especially ones in English. Instead of giving me a newspaper, I came across this website: Volunteering Ecuador. I think that this is interesting and it is a very good idea for people looking to look for other volunteer opportunities abroad. I think that it is a great website to just look through and see what kind of other opportunties are available - especially when i'm graduating and have NO idea what I wanted to do. Also, since i'm looking for jobs simply in New York, it makes me laugh at the currency different, even though they do use the dollar, it is $350 per week for a teaching job that I was looking at, which would be nothing in the US, yet some of the people living in Duran live only $1 per day!

It also reflect something that I have been thinking about doing for a long time which is WWOOF-ing (world wide opportunities on organic farms), traveling through a country/state or other place to work on farms or do work for people. My best friend did a program in New Zealand just last semester where she got the chance to buy a car with her sister and drive around to places from a website, and work for people in return for food and sleep. I think it is a great opportunity, especially when you thrive to travel!


  1. Aw Sarah, I'm so glad you kept up with the blog! It's been great to read your posts, and I bet other people on the team have really gained a lot from your insight too.

    I loved reading more about your scholarship interview & the GO Gala. Again, major congrats! You really deserved it, and if you write a wrap-up post on the blog, I think you should definitely email the rest of the team to tell everyone to check it out.