Monday, February 22, 2010

And the countdown begins...

Only 19 days away and we will be boarding our little (actually BIG) plane to Ecuador, away from technology and American civilization for a WHOLE week.

Our weekend away was actually really great this weekend, and very simple. We stayed in our sweats all day and hung out in the basement of St. Luke's Church on W. 152nd & Amsterdam Ave in the area between Washington Heights and Hamilton Heights (it has another name, which I forget at the moment!). The boyfriend of one of the girls on my team lives in the same area, and so it was very cool to hear the history of what was around us, since I had never heard it before. Apparently, it is a big jazz and music area, and by there is Covenant Ave which is where in the 1920's many of the predominately rich African American population lived and opened jazz clubs and such. Really cool!

Anyways, pretty much our retreat consisted of us all just hanging out in the same room for 40 hours straight, playing games, laughing and talking. We had some great middle eastern food (sooo yummy!) and some pizza as well. It was great to get to know everyone on a different level and really enjoy everyone's company.

The best discussion we had was of religion and what we all believe, and how we were raised. It opened my eyes to a lot of different things and allow me to relate to my team on a different level.

our home for the weekend

After this weekend I absolutely feel so much more open and happy with my team!
At last night's meeting we finally learned about our flight plans and so it follows:

Leave LGA @ 12pm on Saturday, March 13
Layover in Miami for 4 hours
Arrive in Guayaquil @ 11pm on Saturday, March 13

Arrive back at LGA @ 10pm on Saturday, March 20

I cannot wait, plus I weirdly like flying (and especially being in airports)... so pumped!



  1. I love hearing about the GO retreats. It is definitely one of the best aspects of Global Outreach. Are you crazily excited for your trip?? I was thinking today how soon it's coming up for you guys! Savor every moment!

  2. I am getting so crazily excited! It is way too soon, don't remind me :)

  3. Ah you ave a blog adn you haven't told me about this. Well im so happy to hear that you are GOing! My retreat was an awesome experience, and basically shaped what i am doing now. Its so weird the you stayed not too far away from the bronx and you have a complete different experience / knowledge of history. I'm glad to hear you are doing well, and i'm so excited for you to Go!