Sunday, February 21, 2010

The end of February!

I cannot even begin to say how fast February flew by. It is crazy to think that just a week from today is the last day of the months, eeek! So much to do! We leave in 3 weeks, which is absolutely unreal. I apologize in advance for the random topic here but this is what is on my mind.

While I am not planning for Ecuador and writing in this blog, I am also on the board of our theater club on campus, The Mimes & Mummers. Next Thursday is the opening night of Into the Woods, my last show with the board. :( It is slightly bitter sweet, but I am so ready to be done with the craziness that 2nd semester of my senior year has been. I love working with the Mimes and the shows we produce, but at the same time, holy stressful!

For this show I have picked to be head of Publicity, and have started to put my photo shop skills to work. We shall see where they take me. I am on a race this week to get the poster and program done (by Thursday) so everything else is unfortunately falling behind (including this blog!). Hopefully soon I will be able to share with you all my final product, since I would love to know what you think. Hard work ahead for me!

Stay tuned tomorrow (or later tonight) for an update on the retreat from this weekend and our meeting!


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