Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ecuadorian Politics

When Elise, from RdC, came to speak with us, we asked her about the political situation that is happening in Ecuador, and she said one word: CORRUPT.

She went on to tell us about a woman who was the previous president or govern of the area, and was very well renowned in the area for all the work she had done, including thinking to put water pipes underground so that some day they would be able to have running water to the villages. And although she was loved by the people, we was eventually found to be embezzling money, which is very common in Ecuadorian politics. People still loved her after this since she hadn't nearly embezzled as much as other previous people. After she left, her son succeeded her and has also embezzled a lot. Some how I cannot find anything about this on the Internet, so it is proving difficult to tell this story from memory. Eventually I will find it and update.

After just looking through the previous and current presidents of Ecuador, atleast two of the presidents that I have come across so far were arrested on charges of embezzlement, of nearly millions of dollars! Abdala Bacaram was only president of Ecuador for 6 months after all his previous supporters turned on him and protested until congress dismissed him, and within the first 2 months he was found to be embezzling millions of dollars and was succeeded by the first female president of Ecuador, the previous vice President, Rosalia Arteaga, who was only in office for 2 days. Not only did Bacaram embezzle but he came into the presidency after the previous vice President, Alberto Dahik was found (3 years into the term) to be embezzling and fled to Costa Rica, where he still lives, under political protection status.

Okay... sometimes we think our politics are rough, this is pretty bad!

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