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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good morning, real world

The options that Ecuador could open for me are starting to make me happy about my choice to go here. On Friday I finished my application for a $1,000 scholarship towards my project. I have had tremendous trouble over the past couple months in attempting to acquire donations from friends and family to fund my trip. Thankfully I have found some great people to dig into their wallets and give forward (which I hope to be able to do when I get rich). Since I do not officially need the whole of the money, if I am chosen *fingers crossed* I would give the remaining amount to split up amongst my teammates. The whole silly economic problems are really hurting me, so make it stop! :)

Another thing this whole trip has made me realize, is how I wish I could say I am doing something next year... not that i'm not, but to have a definite answer at this point would be a great thing. To know where my life is headed, is very me. I need to stop living in the future. (another goal of mine for this trip). To live in the moment is simply what I need to do, and with this trip, I am hoping that I get a better idea of where I am heading and what I want to do. Where that leads me, I will see, but I have decided that the job hunt will wait until I return!

The count down is on...


  1. You must be getting so excited! I hope to do a GO trip at some point during my time at Fordham.

  2. You absolutely should. Of course I am saying that before my trip, but i'm sure it is only going to get better!