Thursday, April 15, 2010

El fin de la semana!

While going into the last day in Ecuador, it was scary and unreal! We had NO idea what we were doing that day but had a small idea that in the morning we would get to have some of our neighbors come back and sell their crafts, etc. Gabriel, the leather man, and Idea's mother and sisters came to sell their crafts like belts and journals, as well as bracelets and purses. Wellington and his family came with all their crafts like earrings and bracelets for us to buy. I got 2 pairs of earrings, a couple thread bracelets for friends, a leather bracelet with my roommate's name stamped onto it, and an Ecuadorian cookbook for my mom!

After cleaning the house... mopping all the floors... and packing a bit, we found out we were heading into Guayaquil for the day! We headed into the center of the city, went to the Iguana Park, the cathedral of Guayaquil, and the Malecon (a 2 mile boardwalk along the Guayas river).

Dennis "petting" an Iguana at the Park

Looking down the Malecon from a tower

At the end of the Malecon, one of the volunteers, Tom, told us to look up at the lighthouse at the top of this huge hill... and told us we would be walking to that! (if you look at the previous picture, you can see it way in the distance on the top of the hill).

At the bottom of Santa Ana Hill

It would be 500 steps to the top of Santa Ana Hill and when we finally made it to the top of the lighthouse we got to look over all of Guayaquil and Duran, and could even see the Andes mountains in the distance. It was an amazing sight and absolutely rewarding after climbing all of those stairs... in the heat and humidity. Needless to say, we were gross! 

When we got back to the bottom of the hill, we got yet another surprise....

Annie, Shannon, Nicki, Christine (and Danielle) eating ice cream! Yummm!

ICE CREAM (Penguino)!... which, random fact, has the same logo as Good Humor ice cream product here in the States.

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