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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Technology down-grade

I feel as though I went on this trip not expecting much, but now that I am back and still not feeling any big change, I have to take a look at the smaller things.

Last Saturday I made the trip into Manhattan and headed to the verizon store with old phone in hand. I made the switch back! Bigggggg thangs! I downgraded from my Blackberry, back to my LG EnV2. Believe me, this was a big step and still is. Weird thing though, everyone told me that I would feel detached, but true fact is that I feel more attached. I am no longer constantly checking my e-mails, I am not waiting for a facebook notification, and I can still just normally text people without using BBM. It is so much easier to be attached to real life without a blackberry constantly in my pocket. Although I do miss getting e-mails right away or being able to check the weather, or find the location of the nearest Jamba Juice... it had made things simple and I am starting to get really used to it.

Coming back, I have honestly realized how much technology detaches us from one another. We no longer are able to have normal conversations at lunch, or at the dinner table, and someone ALWAYS has their cell phone out. I have been able to slowly detach myself from the cell phone in general, as well as save my mother $30 a month! Very thoughtful of me!


  1. wow! That is a big move. It's so great that your trip inspired you to do so!

  2. wow that's awesome!! Good for you! I don't have a blackberry, so I don't know as much what it would be like to have one, but I know a million people who are attached to theirs and could NEVER do what you did.

  3. I have an iPhone but I always ask myself if this will be a forever thing for me. Sometimes I think I'll be fed up with it one day and downgrade. This is very inspiring and makes me think I might do it!

  4. And PS. When I went on my GO trip it was like, the BEST thing in the world to not look at my phone for 10 days ;)

  5. I am so happy that I did it! I almost allows me to be more surprised when I come back to lots of e-mail and i'm not constantly attached. Considering that my mother told me I will soon need my own plan, I figure I want an iPhone so that is my next step!