Monday, April 19, 2010

Small things I have learned from Ecuador

Just a couple of things that I was thinking about after returning that I think have now become points that I reflected on, and have taken into consideration:
  • Lime juice is a simple and easy substitute for salad dressing
  • Plantains are a great source of carbs and are extremely easy to make, taste really good, and can be made in different ways!
  • Cold, military style showers really aren't that bad.
  • Humidity and heat simply mean that you can shower more, but you still never feel clean.
  • Sun tan lotion works as a good moisturizing substitute (not like you have to moisturize in 95 degree weather).
  • It is really hard to brush your teeth without water... when you can't drink the tap water.
  • You can live without technology, cell phones, laptops... better yet without knowing the time.
  • When climbing 500 steps, don't wear flip flops.
  • Don't under estimate 95 degree, humid weather... you will sweat... and you will want clean clothes.


  1. I forgot my charger at work the other day, so my phone was only dead for half a day but I was dying! It's crazy how much our society relies on technology--you're so right. Good for you for sacrificing all of that for several days to help people out! :)

  2. Ya, believe it was hard, and I even just downgraded from my Blackberry, but getting back it felt that much better without it.