Friday, April 16, 2010

The final supper

When we got back to the house... we expected to have to head right in and start cooking with Ricardo (our other Ecuadorian helper, who loves soccer!),  but the door to our house was wide open! And inside we found Jamie, one of the RdC helpers, and Aide's mother and sister making us dinner. What a great surprise! I was so happy to see them (and kind of relieved that I didn't have to make dinner).

We ended up having this huge surprise dinner with all of the volunteers, from both houses, as well as Ricardo and Aide's family. We had rice, lentils, fish, plantanos, and lots of food. Half way through the dinner we lost electricity... and not only that, but the STUPID plastic chairs that we were using, didn't really like me and as I went to sit down (while the electricity was out), the leg gave out and I fell to the ground. Of course I just laughed it off!

After a couple of games of Mafia with the volunteers and our group... a game which I never want to play again, we said goodbye to them and had our last reflection, which ended up going until about 3am with an affirmation circle that must have lasted about 3 hours long. A little packing before bed, and we spent our last night's sleep in Ecuador.

Our group with Theresa at the top of Santa Ana Hill

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